Black Bear

Nanika Lake Outfitters offer a  6 day spring or fall black bear hunt, as well as a 10 day black bear/ moose combo hunt in the fall. This is a spot and stalk hunt in the roaded area of our unique and wild 1250 sq. mile territory. We hunt the open grassy hillsides and logging roads in the spring. The bears are hungry after a long winter sleep and are on the move searching for fresh new vegetation. At this time of year it's not uncommon to see 5 - 15 bears a day! We target berry patches and logging blocks in the fall. Our area is full of bears, in fact you can take two bears if you desire. We have many color phase bears as well, ranging from solid black, to black with a white blaze, to cinnamon and chocolate. Our bears average 6 feet with the monster boars going 7 feet.


In BC it is illegal to bait for bears and we don’t use dogs, so the hunt is all up to your guides skills and yours to harvest a beautiful bear. We hunt for these bears from our base camp and we can accommodate up to six hunters at once. If you want a black bear or two, this is your outfit, we boast a 100% opportunity rate, not to mention a quality experience in a must see area of the world!

Hunting Dates:

Spring - May 1 to June 7

Fall - September 1 to October 7

Please contact us for rates and availability.



NLO Updates

David Toyomura, Hawaii - Spring 2015


Thankyou so much for creating such a memorable, and successful hunt. Your hospitality and hard work shows in the quality and integrity of your outfitting service. I wish you and your families the best and hopefully our paths will cross again!!!


Dave 3