Territory & Hunting Camps

Hunting Territory: We are located in the Skeena region of BC (Region 6) which takes in the northwest quarter of BC. Region 6 is well known as one of the best areas in all of BC to hunt. The geographic layout of our area is coastal/interior. A 50% mix of mountains and a 50% mix of forested valleys and countless lakes. Many outfitters specialize in 1 or 2 species due to territory layout, not NLO, we specialize in 4 as they are all abundant due to the areas unique geography. Most of the mountainous part of our area is also protected by park, a true remote wilderness.

Hunting Camps: With 6 different camps to conduct our hunts from we ensure hunting pressure is spread out evenly through the territory ensuring proper game management. All Camps are located on lakes and offer spectacular views and true wilderness hunt experiences. 

Collins lake camp: Our base camp, comfortable accommodations for up to 6 hunters. This area offers great hunting for spring and fall Black bear and Grizzly bear as well as rut and late season Moose hunting. With access to 350,000 acres of huntable land, Collins lake is our largest area.

Nanika lake camp: Our main fly-in camp, comfortable accommodations for up to 4 hunters. This area offers great hunting for Mtn. Goat, Moose and excellent fishing. Nanika lake is 15 miles long and nestled snugly in the Mountains.  

Kidprice lake camp: Fly-in camp, comfortable accommodations for up to 2 hunters. This area offers great hunting for Moose and great fishing in the lake and below the spectacular Nanika falls. Kidprice is on the fringe of the mountains, its timbered rolling hills and massive valley are a moose paradise.

Atna lake camp: Fly-in camp, rustic accommodations for up to 2 hunters. This area is true remote wilderness offering excellent hunting for  Moose and Mtn. Goat. Atna's large valley and mountainous landscape are one of those areas that make BC a hunters dream.


Satellite Map of Guiding Territory



NLO Updates

2019 Last Minute Spring Bear Hunt Special !!!


May 27 - June 1 2019 Black Bear Hunt. This hunt is for 2-4 hunters during the best week of the spring to hunt bear. Reg price is $3000, on sale now for $2500, no bait, spot and stalk, wolf tag incl. Call me. 250-695-6909.